I am an apple ‘enthusiast’, please don’t call me ‘an expert’;  I’ve no qualifications apart from the knowledge that’s rubbed into me along the way though I am now training at Waterperry for a formal horticultural qualification.

I just like apples! They are immensely varied and interesting, and soon I hope to be able to say I am eating apples all year around from my own orchard. Yes it is possible, watch this space and enjoy your apples!

Meet my apples (and me!) in the autumn season for fruit sales at my gate and for grafting sessions in late winter/ spring. I am always happy to answer the phone or the front door to fellow apple lovers.

My orchard is now over twenty years old and includes 180 odd varieties of apple as well as a number of plums, mirabelles, walnuts, hazelnuts and cobnuts as well as associated wildlife and I should be pleased to offer guided tours in the season (Blossom and Fruiting time).

This collection of mine is available to graft but if you have scion wood of your own or are trying to rescue a family favourite then do let me know. I can post bare rooted grafted ‘trees’ direct to you.

Sarah Juniper

Apple Trees Orchard Dursley Grafting

Sarah In her Orchard